Monday, August 19, 2013

National Garden Week 2013

Southwind Garden Club

celebrates National Garden Week

June 2013

Designer: Carolyn Browder


May 20, 2013 Meeting

Program: "Hydranges"

Speaker: Linda Lanier

Inductions by Ann McCormick,TFGC STATE PRESIDENT

Patty Calvert and Judy Piovarcy

 GaNelle Ballard and Beth Jennings
 Carol Lusk, Mary Jane Criss and Marianne Parrs
 New President Beth Jennings

Linda Lanier


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

April 19, 2013 Meeting and Field Trip

U T Extension, Jackson, TN

Speaker: Carol Reese

"Do's and Don'ts and Tips"


Rebecca Perisho, Carolyn Browder
Ga Nelle Ballard, Elizabeth Blaylock
Karen Bruder, Beth Jennings
front leaning over
Carol Reese

Carol Reese

Elizabeth Blaylock

 Beth Jennings, Elizabeth Blaylock, Carol Reese, Karen Bruder and GaNelle Ballard

Rebecca Perisho and Ga Nelle Ballard


March 1, 2013 Meeting

Program "Herbs For A Zestful Life"

Speaker - Eveln Mosley

GaNelle Ballard and Elizabeth Blaylock

Our Hostess for the Meeting, Patty Calvert

 Lila Lusk, Mary Jane Criss and Marcia Cayce
Our Speaker: Evelyn Mosley

Missy Brooks 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Southwind Garden Club February 19, 2013 Meeting

"Changing the Landscape Paradigm, Coexisting with Nature"
Kristen Lamberson,
Strawberry Plains Aubudon Center
 Slideshow and refresher on Native Plants, how to
landscape with native plantes, and wildlife interaction
with nature.  What a great presentation by Kristen.